Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am starting a new challenge for myself.  I am going to be creative with what beads and other supplies I have left until I'm down to nubbins.  I think this will get my creative juices running!  Looking forward to the challenge.  I haven't made anything since the holidays because I've been busy with promotions and updating.  But this weekend I plan to get creative.  Need a change of scenery.  After I've completed my challenge, I'm going to try to make some beads.  I found some recycling and eco-friendly ways of making beads.  More on that later...


  1. Personally, I think I may need to go ahead and post some destash. I've had the same beads in some cases for ages and I feel I've used them enough.

    Making beads can be fun but I'm still not great at it. Polymer clay is a big challenge for me. It's hard for me to get the shapes I want without leaving finger or handprints. Paper beads can also be cool but so far I've only made one pair of earrings I've liked with them:

  2. I checked out your earrings. I like the shape. I'll play with my ideas hopefully sometime soon and then I'll post about them, recipes, pictures, etc...

  3. Great, I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for viewing my earrings!


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