Saturday, January 16, 2010

Featured Crafter: Capricorn One Vintage

My first crafter to feature in my blog is Capricorn One Vintage. She was supportive of my blog by being the first to follow. Many reasons come to mind as to why I like to keep track of this fine lady. One, she collects and sells antique, vintage things from 1900-1980. I have a soft spot for antiques. I love that her findings range from jewelry, vintage graphics to lingerie. There is something for everyone in her shop.

I particularly love her Flickr photostream.  Cool things that brought back memories from when I was a kid like old Safeway grocery pictures and graphics. Kansas City no longer has Safeways and now that I'm in Dallas, I haven't found one yet here either. Remember the old metal spice boxes?  She's a got a collection of those too. Maybe some of them posted are from my childhood kitchen.  You can find a lot of graphics and old magazine ads.  Those I like because I am in marketing and find them entertaining.  And if you are a photo collector, she's got quite an assortment. 

Another great reason to keep tabs on Capricorn One Vintage is that she's great to follow and chat with on Twitter. I know with her it'll be more than just a couple of tweets back and forth. She's genuinely interested and is supportive by retweeting.

I encourage you to visit Capricorn One Vintage.  Find your little bit of vintage and take a walk down memory lane.  You'll want to go back for more.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely write up. It's an honor to be featured in your blog!♥


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