Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Challenge is Love is (Still) in the Air

Howdy from Texas & Texans around the world!

As part of our team's Spend Your Mondays with ETC program, we would like you to join in our monthly Design Challenge.

The theme of month's Design Challenge is Love is (Still) in the Air, and we've got some very lovely entries for you!

Eighteen members have submitted a total of 25 entries, and we are asking you to take a look and let us know which ONE is your favorite -- that's right, you can only vote for one entry, and only one vote can be cast per IP Address.

You can find all the information on our entries and the link to vote at


YES, that's right.....there will be prizes!!! The top 6 entries, based on YOUR voting, will each receive prizes generously donated by members of our team. Prize donors include the following:


Entry Descriptions, Photos, & Voting Link:

Voting will open at 12:01am Monday Central time (1:01am Etsy time) and will close at midnight Wednesday Central time (1am Thursday, Etsy time).

Remember, only one vote allowed per IP address, but you are more than welcome to let all your friends know about our Challenge and ask them to vote as well! Feel free to tweet, blog, and post about us!

Thanks so much for helping us with this month's Challenge!!!

Happy Monday!
Milly / Thistlecraft
ETC Leadership Team Member, Design Challenge Coordinator

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  1. Thank You so Very Much for all of your entries in my giveaway, I appreciate it!



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