Monday, March 8, 2010

Featured Crafter: PepperPi

PepperPi makes adorable handmade one of a kind plush toys.  In her store you'll find a variety of lovable friends from bunnies to dog and my favorite are the mushrooms. When you order a plush toy from PepperPi, you not only get the toy, but a toy with a full name and a personality profile. I think this is her selling point. You immediately make a connection and this helps picking out your friend to take home so much easier. PepperPi only makes one of each of her plush toys. You will never find another one like your little friend, just like people! 

You can find PepperPi in many places. She has an active fun blog, Fan her Facebook page, Etsy and Folksy.
This is my favorite, Luigi.


  1. What a cute mushroom :)

  2. Thanks so much Sarah! This was a lovely surprise!

    Clair (PepperPi)

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