Saturday, May 15, 2010

EtsyBloggers: May 10 Carnival

This month's blog carnival is hosted by Made by Melissa.

Topic: What is your favorite material to work with and why? i.e. glass beads, wool yarn, acrylic paint, organic fabric... Show pictures of completed projects using this material.

I have grown fond of all beads Jasper. I just love all the different varieties. I have worked with red and teal paisley. The teal paisley I found in a small shop and I just fell in love and just had to have them. Silly me though, I haven't kept any of the pieces I've made them with.  Both of these items are sold, but they're some of my favorites. I like that each piece is so natural and each one is different.  I can buy a strand of red jasper, and not one bead is identical. I like the earthy feel and they can go with just about any bead. I've worked with polished jasper and they're so smooth and soft.  This website is very interesting and tells a little more about the beauty and meaning of jasper.

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