Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Summer Getaway Spot

Etsybloggers Topic for August: What was your favorite BOOK, MOVIE or GETAWAY SPOT over the summer?

I wouldn't call it so much a getaway as a trip home to Kansas City, Mo. My dear friend asked me to be there when she had her second baby, a boy. It was quite an honor to be there. She was having a c-section and wanted photos and have it videotaped.  I do not have kids. So this would be a totally new experience for me.  

I was given my instructions from the nurse on where I could stand, move or breathe in.  And then we were off. I was running back and forth because it was hard to capture much with the doctors' arms moving and shoving things around. A few minutes later finally, we got to the cut that would bring the baby into this world. Her doctor reached in and grabbed the 9 lb 4 oz 21 inch long Sebastian. He screamed immediately. So I was taking photos of him getting shots, cleaned up, and whatever else needed to be done. He had the most unique cry. It made us laugh. He never stopped until he got bundled up in a thousand blankets.  In this picture, he's shy of 2 weeks old!

Then, I spent the rest of the week helping with the 2 year old big sister, Esmeralda. We had a blast together. Going to the pool, playing with legos all sorts of fun things. She became my buddy. I stayed a week to help out with the transition.  She is becoming a good big sister her mom told me. I don't get to go home until October to see them again. I'm sure they'll be so big. But it was a blast doing all that. And to be there when he was born, changed his first diaper and to be the second person to hold him was so special and so cool!

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