Sunday, October 17, 2010

EtsyBloggers: October Blog Carnival - Activities I Do in the Fall

Every fall since I can remember, my mom, dad and two younger sisters would load up in the car and head up the road to Vaughn's Apple Orchard in Weston, Mo. The short drive up was always so pretty with golden yellows, crisp oranges and reds in the hilly countryside. My sister's and my mission upon arrival: Apple Cider Slushes. As soon as we stepped out of the car it was time to nag dad for a quarter to go up to the rickety shack and ask for a slush. They no longer cost just a quarter - over a dollar now!  Also, there were other fun apple foods as well like apple donuts and apple fritters, but our eyes were out on the slush.

We never did go out and pick our own apples in the orchard, nor was it that important to us. Inside the store was so much more action. A live honey bee's nest that we could stare at for hours. The watch area to oversee the cleaning, peeling, packaging of the apples which was pretty exciting to a kid. We'd pick a bag or two of apples for dad's apple crisps and just to nosh on. We'd also grab some decorations like pumpkins, indian corn and ghords. Then the trip was over and one more plea for another quarter. Good fall times.

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