Thursday, January 27, 2011

EtsyBloggers: January Blog Carnival - Valentine's Day Childhood Memory

My question to answer and blog for this month's blog carnival is: February 14th is Valentine's Day. What is your best childhood memory of Valentine's Day or What childhood tradition do you now carry out with your children.

That's a tough question because I've never been much for Valentine's Day. I think because of its proximity to my birthday. Many birthday gifts from friends were Valentine themed. Didn't care for that. Too much pressure at school about who collects the most Valentine's, who has the most boyfriends of that day, those types of things. My best memory, I blogged about last year. But I do remember making my box to take to school to collect those cards. We'd keep the shoe boxes and mom and the sisters would all gather around the table amongst the red, pink, white shades of paper, doilies galore, glue, glitter, you name it! I didn't have any brothers, so it was just plain fun and girly to decorate. Mine always had to be perfect and cohesive in nature. NO box showing at all!  I'd make sure I had that right box every year. The size had to be just right for whatever I had in mind. I can't recall any specific designs. But I do remember when I cut my hearts, they had to be just right, or they were not used. I always had a vision.  If I had to participate, I was going to do it right!

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  1. Cow cute! I always end up with heats that are lop sided. You must have been a crafter right from the start. :)


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