Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

As most my followers know, I finally was able to land a job in December. I am now the marketing manager for a distributor/dealer of Overhead Door Company. I had to move from Dallas back home to Kansas City for this job. I'm finally moved in and for the most part settled. I got a "newer" apartment. I usually go for the older ones because of storage and charm, but after the last few years, I felt I deserved a step up. I am now living in one of the hottest shopping districts in the Kansas City area. I have 2 huge soaking tubs, the feature that sold it for me. Valet trash isn't half bad either. Since I moved back to the Midwest, I get all these extra features for the same price as I was paying in Dallas, for nothing!

My job is going well. Definitely stirring the pot for marketing initiatives, but in a good way.  The culture is so much better. I get invited to things, office parties and committees, people talk to one another, it's fabulous. I don't live far from the office either, so that's not half bad. I'm close to the family.

Now for the jewelry business, it definitely took a hit. I'm slowly trying to catch up. I still have tons of SEO, videos and marketing emails to catch up on. I haven't had any creative time. But I'm hoping now that I'm mostly unpacked I can start catching up more. I miss my water aerobics just as much as my creative time. I'd like to get that started and start up my old routine again.

I hope the year will bring a variety of blogging activities. I will be posting about some of my winnings over the last couple of months during the holidays and move. Can't wait to share those with you. I'm working with another blogger on marketing tips and tutorial series. And of course, I'll continue to feature other artisans. I hope to have a useful and more varied blog for you this year.

Have a great year!

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  1. Glad to hear your move and new job are going well! I'll be looking forward to your new posts!


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