Friday, May 27, 2011

EtsyBloggers: May Blog Carnival - Spring Organization

Topic of discussion for Blog Carnival this month is: Spring is a time for new beginnings, when many of us get reorganized and put a fresh face on things. Describe and/or show us what you have done recently in your art space to get more organized.

This was actually a hard topic for me because I haven't done anything new with organization. I'm an organized person by nature. So I thought I'd share some of my organization techniques that work for me. Jewelry making is a hobby for me. So I don't have an overwhelming amount of supplies laying around. I do keep what supplies I have in organizer boxes or tackle boxes by beads and metals. I have a captains bed (like a day bed) that has 3 large drawers under the trundle bed that I keep all my supplies in. One drawer houses my little organizer boxes of beads and findings, the middle drawer is where I keep my stock ready for sale, and the last drawer hold my over-sized supplies that don't fit in the organizers, but fit in a wooden box,  a bead tray, creative journal, and bead spinner.  I like that I can put away all my supplies and it's all out of sight.  Jewelry making leads to a lot of clutter and I like that I can put it away. I can't create when my surroundings are in disarray.  

I keep my shipping supplies in a decorative basket under a table and everything is already "packaged" ready to be sent (envelope, business card, magnet, and thank you card).  I have nesting baskets that are labeled by item: necklaces, earrings, etc. I just grab that basket, grab the sold item, and grab my pre-packaged supplies and off it goes. These sit on top of the table.

I live in an apartment and limited on space, so I utilize all that I can, which is plenty. One of these days I'll have a house and will be able to make a real craft area and leave some of my boxes out possibly (which do match that rooms color scheme).  I envision shelves over a table where I can work and just grab up for that organizer box or tackle box.


  1. Great post! Yes, creativity and rationality are not the stereotypical opposites people often make them out to be. In fact, they complement each other and, when in balance, keep the creative side sane and the rational side fulfilled.

  2. Thanks Marian. So glad you understand. :)

  3. Great ideas! I live in a small house and dream of a day where I will have a space of my own.

  4. Thank you Whimsical Creations. Hope your dream comes true!

  5. Well, if there's such a thing as organized chaos, that would be me! Every once in a while my chaos drives even me crazy and I have to find places for things. I already did that once this spring, and it's already started to get too wild in my studio again! gah!

  6. That's funny Primal Painter. Good luck with your chaos.


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