Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Fire For Handmade Feature Artist: Euphoric Charms

This weeks featured artisan is Mary - Euphoric Charms!
You can find Mary at:


  1. I read the Etsy post on facebook. I wonder if I'm reaching anyone. I closed my fb account that had hundreds of friends and opened one with no friends that supposedly shows my posts to everyone. I wonder now if anyone sees my posts. How would I test it? Any ideas? When I had 100s of friends, I hardly got any comments or likes, so I can't tell by that.

  2. When I get home this evening, I'll look more into this so I can help you. Do I understand right that you started a Fan page then instead of a Friend like page?

    I'll go through my settings so I can be sure to walk you through the right steps to make sure everyone can see your posts.

    I'll also send you a link to a group on FB that part of the rule is to share someone else's link if you post in the group. It's an AWESOME group. Very supportive. You might like that to get you going atleast.

    Talk to you soon!


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