Sunday, July 17, 2011

Treasuries and Collections of the Week

What a complete contrast of the two features I got this week. One is full of color and the other is black. Kinda reminiscent of the long week I had I think. Enjoy, I hope you find something you like.


Blended seasons by lunaessence 


Black Beauty by ButtermilkSkyDesigns



  1. Always great to see your lovely creations in treasuries!

  2. Both of those are really cool, and you're right, completely opposite!

    You sure do have lots of selling venues, it must be really hard keeping up with all of them. I have a hard time paying attention to only two! Does it pay off financially to have all those stores?

  3. I only pay for 2 stores right now - Artfire and Etsy. The others are free - basic accounts. Currently, with sales a little slow due to summer, no. But other times of years yes. I'm shifting a lot of promotion toward my Artfire shop. I like that items don't expire, don't need an account to buy, and I can list custom orders there without being charged a listing fee.
    Believe me, it's a full time job in the evenings to keep up with everything. I've got a pretty good system down now.

  4. I like that about Artfire, too, but my views are terrible there. The first month or two, I was getting lots of incoming urls, now hardly anything. I might have been tweeting and stumbling and kaboodling then, too, and I seem to have gotten out of that habit. Is that what you do to promote there?

  5. I will say the bulk of my sales come from Etsy. But I tweet, FB, etc to both shops. Probably equal. I also use Flickr and other shops. I don't promote the free shops, only the ones I pay for.

    I was a Premium member at Zibbet and that was not a good place for me. I paid for 2 years and promoted and got horrible views and only 1 sale. It was a fellow handmade artist. So I recently dropped that one. Have considered Handmade Artist Shop.

    I pay very little for Artfire cuz I got in on the ground up. So the payment is worth the convenience for me for custom orders. I have an older lady who that is all she'll use. I do work often for her. So it works out for me.

    On Artfire, I get TONS of exposure though. Between Collections and being a featured email collection, I do pretty well. But then, no sales. I remind myself it's summer. Summer does not bode well for me.

    I also think that my keywords help too. I use Etsy to figure out search terms. I go up to the Search bar and start typing in words and see what pops up from previous searches. I figure that's good enough for Google even.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  6. Thanks for all that info! This summer does seem slow, but this is my first summer to be selling online so I don't have anything to really compare it to. You sure do get in lots of collections and treasuries! I was in a bunch for a while there, but that slowed down, too.

    I'm going to try figuring out that keyword thing and see if I'm doing it right. I've been using the Google Adword Tool, but you're right, the etsy search terms should be comparable. Thanks for all the info!

  7. You're welcome Primal Painter! Glad to help. I just hate all the time and practice it all takes. I have to say this summer is worse than usual.


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