Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding Charm Featured at Knit 1 For the Road

I was recently interviewed by Margaret, at Knit 1 For the Road.  I know Margaret from Creating the Hive (do check out this very active handmade community).  I know Margaret as an owner of adorable Yorkies just as me, but others know her for her vast knowledge and experience in knitting.  This is one craft/art I never took up.  But it's an art that amazes me. I love to look at all the patterns knitters make.  Margaret is a published author about knitting, Knit 1 for the Road and also her latest book Knit Knitavian Style.  She's also written articles for a variety of knitting magazines.  If you are a knitter, I recommend you networking with Margaret.  She's a fabulous supporter of indie artists, and she's an invaluable resource for the knitting community.  Please read my interview, Finding Charm is Easier than You Think... on Knit 1 For the Road, but also check out her blog, her books, her articles, and more. 

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  1. Wonderful interview. I really enjoyed reading it.:)

  2. GREAT interview!!
    Love Margaret's shop!!
    I really do need to pick up my kntting, I have definitely slacked off!!
    Off to check out the Hive!!

  3. Thank you so much FancieStrands and Michele!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Have a great holiday weekend.

  4. Love your Blog and love your jewelry. Do you make your own jewelry?

  5. Thank you. Yes, I make my own jewelry. Something fun to do. It's a hobby for me.


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