Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Fire For Handmade Feature Artist: Il Mare Atelier

This week's Featured Artisan is Suftan - Il Mare Atelier! Absolutely gorgeous
creations in her shop. Perfect addition to any wardrobe and great gifts too!
You can find Il Mare Atelier on:


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  3. BEAUTIFUL creations!! I am in LOVE with the Amethyst, sapphire, garnet, pearl earrings - Dandelions!! GORGEOUS!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I know - aren't they?!?! Such petty sparklies. ooo aaahhhh

  5. Hi Sarah! Just came across your page. Great page!
    crystal from kIZZ and Handmade Jewelry News.

    have a great day!

  6. Thank you Crystal! I'll make sure I'm following your blog as well.


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