Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EtsyBloggers: October Blog Carnival - What are your plans for Halloween?

I am part of a blogging group, EtsyBloggers.  Each month we have a Carnival and featured artisan. I/We've been out of commission over the summer and now I/we're back!  Each month a team member will present a question for the team to blog about.  This is a great way to generate blog topics - especially on those days you just can't think of anything to write.  So of course, the topic for October is fitting: What are your plans for Halloween? Have you made anything in your shop with Halloween colors/theme? Show it to us.

My Halloween plans are the same every year.  Halloween isn't the biggest holiday celebrated in our family.  Since it is a holiday, we still participate.  I head over to my parents house since I live in an apartment, no kids trick or treating here.  I wear one of two costumes depending on the weather.  It's usually a 101 Dalmations costume.  I'll wear that, hop in the back of my car and hand out candy.  I do that so the kiddos don't have to walk up the steep driveway and all the stairs to the front door.  We also have goulash and homemade sugar cookies with frosting spider webs painted on them for dinner.  

I have a couple of simple, not typical items in my shop for Halloween.  I have a Black and Orange Lanyard and Halloween Eyeglass Chain for those who want to be subtle for Halloween.


  1. Love your orange and black lanyard and eyeglass chain. Perfect for that subtle touch on Halloween!

  2. I'll bet you make a cute dalmation! And it would be fun for the kids to yell "Trick or Treat!" to a car....
    Save me a cookie!!

  3. I like both of them. Eyeglass lanyards make great gifts, do you see that in your store? Happy Halloween.

  4. Oh yes! I sell a lot of eyeglass chains.

  5. I love the eyeglass lanyard... I need one of those - Im always loosing my readers! Thanks for always commenting on my blog and you made my day by calling my cuff bracelet ingenious. :)

  6. You're welcome. I enjoy seeing your pretties. I'm so glad I made your day. It was so unique and cool.


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