Sunday, October 9, 2011

Treasuries and Collections of the Week

Another couple of weeks of fabulous Collections and Treasuries I'm included in - and a front page on Etsy as well! Very exciting to get that email.  So much color and talent out there.



Hues of Blue by TheCraftyTurtle

For your ears only by MarquisCreations



  1. It's great that you're in so many treasuries. I was glad to include you in mine as "mariandesigns." And congrats on making the front page of Etsy.

  2. Yes it was! Thank you so much Marian. Sharing the Treasuries and Collections is my way of giving back to the features.

  3. Awesome! Congrats on the front page! I seriously doubt if I ever get on the front page, my stuff is too colorful, lol.

  4. Thanks Primal. Made me laugh. You're so right. That is one thing I get tired of. The same type of stuff on the front page and those daily emails. The same look and feel. Honestly, I bet the majority of the sales don't look so "Etsy". Good luck one day they wake up and go colorful on you!


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