Friday, November 18, 2011

Complimentary Download - Guide to Online News Release Writing

I subscribe to PRWeb.  I received this email recently and it was so timely as a pal on Facebook, Hide A Heart, asked a question on Facebook to all her friends for help writing a good press release for her business.  I thought maybe I'd share some information for all that might be helpful.

Create Better Releases and Drive Sales Through the Roof

Download our free, expert guide to online news release writing.   Find out how the experts do it with PRWeb's whitepaper "Writing Great Online News Releases" – it's packed with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your story. Plus, it's completely free!

You'll find out how to:
  • Score a higher search ranking with keywords and SEO tools
  • Create a compelling message that resonates with your customers
  • Target your market with global, national and local distribution
  • Create online buzz through bloggers and social media sites
Create a free PRWeb account and download the free guide today!

Copied portions from the PR Web email I received 11/3/2011


  1. Thanks for the resource! Are you going to put out a news release?

  2. You're welcome. I don't have plans to at this time. I do write them on a regular basis for my marketing job and freelance projects.


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