Monday, November 21, 2011

EtsyBloggers November Blog Carnival - National Diabetes Month

EtsyBloggers November carnival is definitely a subject that hits close to home.  The question posed to members to blog about is:  November is National Diabetes Month. Do you have diabetes or has your life ever been touched by it? Please share any stories you have...

Diabetes has had a big effect on our family.  My grandfather was a brittle diabetic for nearly 40 years.  We never knew when he'd be high or low and often times, it was unpredictable making him "brittle".  My grandmother was obsessive about his care and probably the reason he lived as long as he did.  He died at 82.  He had no amputations which is a huge feat for someone with his type of condition.  The disease runs deep in his family.  Some managing it better than others.  Eventually, the disease did take his life - renal failure.  It was a long death and very hard to watch.  Thank goodness in the last year he was completely unaware of his bedridden state.  My family and I took care of him for over a year.  He was a large German man, not overweight, just a large man.  He required 2 people to assist him and amazingly enough, no facility could handle his diabetes.  We were left with no choice but to turn my mother's recently remodeled living room into a hospital room.   I grew up watching out for grandpa, making sure he wasn't glossy-eyed or not making sense when he talked.  Watching him collapse out of the blue or watching his constant finger pricks and shots, it was a disease I watched take the life away from a man I adored.

Now I'm afraid I'll be joining those in this growing epidemic.  I always said it would be the death of me if I came down with this disease, because I have a sweet tooth that is much stronger than me it seems.  Over the last couple of years, I've developed some health issues being severely iron deficient and now having pernicious anemia, which is when the body cannot absorb B-12.  My body isn't absorbing anything, nor breaking down foods properly.  This is now putting pressure on my other organs including my pancreas.  The last 2 blood draws I've had, I'm showing indications of pre-diabetes.  I only hope they get my conditions under control so that I have a fighting chance against this disease.  

I have an awareness bracelet I wear often that represents the causes that are close to me and that is diabetes, heart, and stroke.  It is grey, black, and red.   I wear it reminding me of those close to me that are affected by these diseases.  

To learn more about diabetes please visit the Diabetes Association Website.  Give a gift of hope into diabetes research. 


  1. Yes I guess the disease has touched your life quite profoundly. {{{hugs}}} Take good care of your health and thank you for sharing your story....

  2. Your grandpa has been quite a blessing to you by giving you the awareness you needed to catch your own pre-diabetic state early. It sounds like you have some challenges to overcome, but you can do it! Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  3. Yes he did and yes I do! I sure hope so. Go in for more tests first of December. We shall see.


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