Sunday, November 6, 2011

Treasuries and Collections of the Week

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted some treasuries and collections I've been featured in.  Great opportunities to start some holiday shopping!


Caramel by my Twitter friends by DigitalCS 



  1. Treasuries are so fun. I just saw someone who managed to embed a whole treasury on their site, thought that seemed like a fun idea for Christmas. The names of some of these above! Going to have to visit so I can see just what they are :)

  2. Yes they are. I've seen that we can embed them now. I just need to do it! Happy looking.

  3. Yes, it is fun browsing. I'll be doing a lot to finish up my shopping.

  4. Popping over again to say you WON the scrapbookie giveaway! Will be contacting you by e-mail here soon.

  5. Fabulous!!! So exciting. Thank you thank you!


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