Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handmade Artist: Brooklyn Bead Goddess

Brooklyn Bead Goddess makes beautiful lampwork beads and then makes jewelry from her beads.  I love lampwork beads and they force me to touch every single one of them inspecting their beauty when I see them.  I did not know much about how they are made until I visited Brooklyn Bead Goddess's website. I learned so much and she has photos of her making a bead.  Such a craft to work with hot flames and glass.  I have even more admiration for the art now.  It's more than a craft, it's art.

Bead Goddess was raised in Brooklyn and believes living in the NYC area gives her an edge separating her from other lampwork artisans.  I think she may be right.  A fashion mecca, she gets to see fashion before all of us do and her beads are designed to make a statement.

So all you jewelry makers out there who haven't worked with lampwork beads should consider looking at Brooklyn Bead Goddess's collection and to purchase some lampwork beads to make your own wearable art for yourself or to share.

You can find Brooklyn Bead Goddess all over the Internet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

I've thrown my hat into the sale ring.  My first ever sale!  I'm offering 20% off everything in my Etsy and Artfire shops November 23-26.   

My Etsy shop requires a coupon code to receive your discount:  12Holiday20

My Artfire shop will automatically deduct the 20% off.  

Enjoy and help me clear my stock!  

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Handmade Artist Feature: A Bead Thing

Cracked Glass Earrings
A Bead Thing is a fellow jewelry artisan, also known as Pam, at Handmade Artist.  She particularly enjoys bead woven jewelry - an art I admire.  She too makes affordable jewelry so everyone can indulge in something shiny.  Jewelry was a saving grace for Pam.  Utilizing her creative outlet allowed her to pull herself back up by the bootstraps and never look back.  Read about her story and browse through her shop.
Netted Butterfly by A Bead Thing


Please connect with A Bead Thing:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Ring: Handmade Artist Forum

I belong to a handmade artist community called Handmade Artist Forum (HAF).  We're a close knit community who show more support for one another unlike any other group I belong to.  I know I can count on this group for anything selling and making handmade.  You will not find resellers on HAS or HAF.  It is committed to handmade items only.  Their mission - support handmade.

Anyone can join and participate in the HAF - it's free!   I post my newest creations there for other members to comment on.  There are categories specific to jewelry, crochet, and more.  The HAF also has a variety of "rings" to participate in such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging.  They're lead by fellow members who are devoted to making each one a success.  They're all well run and participated in.  I look forward to the "rings".    

You will not be disappointed once you hop on over to the HAF.  You'll want to become a member and join the community to share and promote the love of handmade.  

Before I forget - The Handmade Artist Shop (HAS) evolved from the forum.  It is a storefront to sell handmade items.  Check that out too.  Small monthly fee to list and sell.

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