Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Handmade Artists: Reef Botanicals and Fabric of My Mind

Hang on tight, got another over achiever to talk about that juggles more than one shop to accomodate all the craft making madness that happens in their house.  Eric and Larissa are a dynamic crafting duo for Reef Botanicals and Fabric of My Mind. 

At Reef Botanicals this is where Eric and Larissa sell their handcrafted artisan pamper yourself products.  I added the artisan, because I think most of it looks like art. I also added pamper yourself products because all the goodies you'll find here are all that you'll need for that sweet bath you keep telling yourself you'll treat yourself too.  One thing sticks out about their products and that all of it from the base to the fragrance is all natural ingredients.  So natural that most of the products are suitable to vegans.  Inside Reef Botanicals you'll find soap, bath salts, candles, and even a men's line of bath products
The Serenity Fizzy Bath Bomb is so pretty.   I don't think I'd use it because it's just too pretty.

Now because I have lip balm everywhere, I just had to show off the Orange You Glad I am Your Honey Lip Balm.  Great Valentine's Day gift, right?

Want to know more about Reef Botanicals?  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and keep up with them on their blog

Switching gears we'll now visit Fabric of My Mind.  This is definitely a shop that weaves the many different crafts that occur outside of the powder room.   Here you'll find handmade accessories, photography, toys,  and even patterns and tutorials.  Wear glasses when you're on the computer?  Keep them protected from all that desk clutter with this floral eyeglass case.  I love to color.  It's such an ageless activity.  I'd love to make the other kids jealous with these mini star crayons!  Hop on over to Fabric of My Mind and see what goodies you can find to make the other kids jealous of you.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Handmade Artist: Rasmussen Gems

For me, John at Rasmussen Gems has been able to do what I want to do.  Work hard while you can and then after that retire and do what you love.  John started his craft early studying geology.  He even taught it for 10 years.  Then he went into the emergency medicine field until he retired.  In his retirement he picked up his love of stones and minerals like he never left.  I'm sure he never really left 100% anyway, but it does add some drama to the story, right?  Anyway, John the lapidary and Debora, his wife and jeweler now work together making and selling beautiful stones and beaded jewelry.  In addition to lapidary and jewelry making, John also does metal work in the jewelry designs.

Rasmussen Gems also provides services that I do not often find in the handmade community.  He can provide jewelry repair services. He is well trained from attending the International Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America, and Penn Foster Career School to learn jewelry design and repair. 

Rasmussen Gems also provides gem identification and appraisal services.  Gems can be hard to determine - at least for me.  Especially the real from the fake or because gems are naturally occurring, the color variants can maybe lead to a different stone in particular.  I've run into that a couple of times.  I'll think a stone is one gem, but in fact, it's something else. 
I've never heard of picture granite.  I must live under a rock! 
Strawberry Quartz Oval
I just love this Faceted Topaz ring. The colors, the feminine qualities.  

Rasmussen Gems also blogs!  Join him.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Handmade Artist: LisianBlue and Reflections

One artist, two shops: LisianBlue and Reflections.  

There's no cold air getting in this cap!
At LisianBlue you'll find knitted creations  like scarves, booties, caps, and even bibs.  What I like about her shop is that she immediately calls out that her technique is a tight weave to make sure her items keep you warm!  So not just a fashion statement scarf, one that will keep that chill out!  Isn't that the truth anymore.  To fulfill the need of cool hats and scarves, they become loosely knit and then they don't keep you warm.  Nice to see LisianBlue has found that niche. 

My favorite color!!!
I love the colors in the pictured unisex beanie cap.  Can go with anything!  Crocheted wash cloths/dish cloths are also becoming more and more popular and you'll find some fun Sunny Yellow dish cloths in her shop...among others of course. 

Now if crocheting wasn't busy enough work to keep a shop full,  LisianBlue then becomes Reflections.  Reflections is a stained glass and painted glass shop.  Reflections is one of a kind because very few, and I mean few, are ever reproduced.  Reflections wants your stained glass or crafted glass creation truly unique.  My favorite section in this shop is the glass candle holders.  Very out of the box and unexpected.  I'll let the picture speak for itself. 

For the jewelry makers out there, she also makes really pretty glass pendants including handpainted!  I especially like the detail in this domino art pendant.

If you want to keep in touch with LisianBlue and Reflections - (Remember, they are the same person) but I do wonder if she's a Gemini can be found on Twitter and maintains a blog as well. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Handmade Artist: Lil Bit Sassy

Lil Bit Sassy has such a sweet shop.  It's a mini handmade department store.  She has Children's, Juniors, Mens, Womens, Housewares, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Pets and even more.  Lil Bit Sassy has so much going for it.  Since everything is handmade, she can custom make anything!  Love a bib, but want it in a different fabric?  No problem!  Take a look at her in stock fabric collection, contact her and tell her what you want.  You can't do that in a department store can you? Nope, and for an extra bit of bonus you can without leaving the house!  Shop Lil Bit Sassy all year long!

Now because I hurt a lot and love my heat to make me feel better, I have to show off a hot/cold pack.  Plus, I LOVE owls too. 

Are you hosting a baby shower and need cupcake toppers?


Get to know Lil Bit Sassy on her blog, Sassy News!

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