Thursday, February 14, 2013

Handmade Artist: Thunderrose Leather Shop

When I went browsing through Thunderrose Leather Shop, my first thought was - wow, this looks real.  It's unlike what we see in department stores, gift shops, or specialty ware shops.  John and Debbie are the artists behind Thunderrose Leather Shop.  Their creations are definitely old style made with Elkskin, Deerskin, Buffalo, and Deer Tanned Cowhide.  The leather pieces you see with beadwork - well that's all done by hand.  No production beaded appliques or work are ever put on their creations.  In their shops on Handmade Artist and on Etsy, you will find leather bags,  leather pouches, leather flute bags, leather smartphone and hip bags, and my favorite - the baby moccasins.  

Beaded baby moccasins Buckskin baby moccasins 6 month to 1 year leather moccasins
Beaded leather pocketbook case Smartphone case Buckskin leather wallet Handmade leather clutch
Wolf paw medicine bag Leather drawstring neck pouch with beaded wolf paw totem

Great bag for carrying dog treats on your walks!

Psst - and Thunderrose Leather Shop is having a sale!  You can get 20% off if you enter THUNDERROSE at checkout! 

You can find Thunderrose all over the net!  
Thunderrose Leather Shop on Handmade Artists
Thunderrose Leather Shop on Etsy
Thunderrose Leather Shop on Facebook
Thunderrose Leather Shop's Blog
Thunderrose Leather Shop's Website


  1. Great post, and great items listed.

  2. Great post and thanks for the sale info.

  3. Thanks so much for a great feature!

  4. The baby moccasins are adorable. Looked at the Etsy shop and saw lots of leather products I'd love to have. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful shop. Cheers, Marian

  5. You are so right about their shop not being like a department store! I love the fact that all the edges are not straight, the beading is done by 2 hands, not a machine. That's what makes it perfect!


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